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"Wala Keef" Fairuz Surprise For The New Year

Lebanese Diva Fairuz and her son Ziad Rahbani surprised their fans in the New Year with the release of Fairuz new album entitled “Wala Keef”. The new album includes a religious melody along with some impulsive natural romance love songs mixed in an Eastern and Western harmony.

The album includes a religious hymn entitled “ Ya Mariam” which Fairuz used to sing at Christmas and which the music was recomposed and redistributed by Ziad transforming it more or less a from a spiritual religious hymn to a melody or anthem.

The new album did not include any pure eastern tune as most of its songs were mostly of a Jazz spirit type, which Ziad chose to present in his own unique style blended with eastern and western music.

Ziad used in some of the new album songs some famous Brazilian music such as the Lapampa in the song “La Wallah” and the “Manaha De Carnival” music for the song “Shoo Bkhaf” and the cadence “Cosma” in the song “Byithakkar Fi Al Khareef”. Blended with a special Rahbani musical touch, the borrowed International rhythms quickly acquire a special dedicated Rahbani style.

Fairuz also performed some of her songs with delicacy, docility and spontaneity despite the fact that some tiredness was evident at the end of her song “Tenzekar Ma Tinaad” which was normal from a suffering and thriving heart. Most of the new album songs were characterized with a sad, romantic love.