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Fairouz & Ziad & the national song



In her last Album, Fairouz had sung one of Ziad Rahbani best national songs: Al-moqawameh al- Wataneyyah (The national resistance).

Before more than 10 years ago, a young girl, called Ruba Zidan, sang it with Sami Hawwat in Ana mosh kafer album (I’m not unbeliever).

Now Fairouz made it a national theme, but not in a regular way. Like talfan Ayyash (Ayyash had phoned) -witch also sang by Joseph Sakr before in 1996. Its Fairouz-Ziad national songs.

In Hiwar al omr, before 3 years ago, Jezil Khori asked Ziad why he didn't write and composed any national song to Fairouz? He said: any one can do that.

This is what Ziad (and Fairouz) want: something witches no one can do it. Something likes al-mokawamh el-wataneyyah.


Words of the national resistance song:

Words & Music by: Ziad Rahbani


The songs had finished,

By there singing to the South…

The poems had finished,

By there writing about the South…

And the martyrs never decrease

Also, never increase…



So, if the south proof against,

It’s proof against by its people…



The causes had finished,

By there blaming the south…

They had broken the platforms,

By there promising for the South



Those who are talking these days,

Aren’t those who was talking

The needy, all over the world,

Is the same…



It’s not a song

It’s just a greeting.

That’s all.



By: Ghassan Hozayen