Our ambassador to the stars..
Fairouz is the magic, for whom the moon has bowed



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Well, Fairuz is already known as our embassador to the stars, and the woman with the angelic voice... that's to begin with.
I don't know why, but when i say that, hear it, or read it, it just doesn't feel enough for me... i feel i have to add: She's alone to have a voice that communicates the words, the music, what's between the words and the melodies... What's before them...
You can actually see the autumn leaves and the flowers when she sings them... u can smell their odor... u can understand the mysterious face of the moon when she makes it our neighbor...
About Wala Kif:..
I've always had a "Fairuz" sings what life says and makes you love it even in its bitterness...
I've always had a "Ziad" to compose music and words (compose words, not writes them) and speak on your behalf...
But whenever there's Fairuz and Ziad in the same song... it's like, un-describable...
Wala Kif comes in a time where nothing is really new, not already said and repeated over and over and over again...
What's really incredible is what this album makes you feel... like thinking about many new things after a while of boredom and vulgarity in everything.
I guess it's pretty safe to affirm that when Fairuz sings Ziad, it's not directed to all people at the present time, it's more like many people will understand it 10 or 15 years after.
That applies perfectly to Wala Kif...
Just ask yourselves (all of Fairuz and Ziad's fans): how many persons of your surrounding liked this new album? how many of those who criticize Fairuz (like she isn't supposed to sing these songs) have actually heard the album?
Although it feels weird to hear Fairuz saying: "Bass Jadd Nsammeit"... It's really interesting to see this side of her... saying things we feel like saying... and expressing us with this enchanting yet simple words, music, and attitude...

Ayman (a Fairuz fan)