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Name: Ghassan Hozayen

Country: Jordan

Email: g_hozayen@yahoo.com

URL: http://g-hozayen.tripod.com

Comment: Fairouz the magic, who the moon has bowed for her...

Name: Issam Karam

Country: Lebanon

Email: issamkaram@yahoo.com

Name: Firas Billeh

country: Jordan

Email: fib227@hotmail.com

Comment: she is the queen!..

Name: Ali Al-Yami

Country: Saudia Arabia

Email: homaiza@hotmail.com

Comment: Fairouz is my best singer because when i listen to her voice i feel my heart is dancing, it's nice to be one of Fairouz's fans

Name: George Waked

Country: Lebanon

Email: ana_choyu3i@ziad-rahbani.com

Comment: She is the best. i have all her albums.

Name: Issa Ferzeli

Country: Brazil

Email: issaferzeli@aol.com.br

Comment: she is a great singer. i love her.

Name: Ghia Aweida

Country: Canada

Email: ghiamaweida_ctm@fairuz.zzn.com

Comment: Keep up the good work, Ghassan !

Name: Raymond Najim

Country: USA

Email: snajim@aol.com

Comment: listen to no body, just Fairouz.

Name: Mohammed Altobol

Country: Syria

Email: mohammedaltobol@yahoo.com

Comment: I am fairouzian.I adore her

Name: Waseem

Country: USA

Email: marjooj2000@yahoo.com

Comment: What can I say about the best voice I've ever heard? She is a
legend and her songs are too good to be true. Words can never describe the
beauty of Fairouz's songs.

Name: Salma

Country: France

Email: koussa_hala@hotmail.com

Comment: very good work Ghassan congratulations

Name: Lovly Girl

Country: Syria

Email: lovelygirl1986@hotmail.com

Comment: I guess no body like Fairouz more than me .....it's real magic

Name: Jamal Bouabid

Country: Morocco

Email: jamal.bouabid@caramail.com

Name: twisted artist

Country: Lebanon

Email: twisted_artist@yahoo.com

URL: http://www.feyrouz.eyes.at

Comment: great site you made here Ghassan , keep the Good work

Name: Jamal Bakri

Country: Lebanon

Email: jamal_bakri@hotmail.com

Comment: Fairouz is my best singer shes got angels voice

Name: Eslam Mohamed

Country: Egypt

Email: eslam1e@hotmail.com

Comment: i can't live with out her voice she is the light of my sprit

Name: Kauzar

Country: Spain

Email: kautiquizone@hotmail.com

Comment: KIFAK INTA, HAKIDA L'HAJIBAYNI...canciones insuperables que transportan al mundo del verdadero amor.FAIRUZ ERS LA MEJOR Y SIEMPRE LO SERAS

Name: Nahla Chamseddine

Country: Lebanon

email: cnahla@hotmail.com

comment: Fairouz you were the best , you are the best , and you will still the best. Ziad , take care of Fairouz Fairouz, take care of Ziad because we cannot live without you Fairouz, you are the moon there is no life without the moon

Name: Autumn Leaves

Country: Saudia Arabia

email: lutff@hotmail.com

comment: When the leaves become gold

Name: Darine Fares

Country: Lebanon

email: daryf@hotmail.com

comment: sometimes i think i'm lucky, i am lebanese just coz FAIROUZ is... may GOD always protect her and save her for all of us

Name: Noona

Country: Lebanon

email: cnahla@hotmail.com

comment: i think that Fairouz new album is great especial face B Fairouz, u r the queen and you will still the queen Ziad, take care of Fairouz Fairouz, take care of Ziad because there is no life without you two

Name: Hatem

Country: Tunisia

comment: j'aime beaucoup fairuz

Name: bertrand nogent

 Country: france

 email: drownedboy23@hotmail.com 

comment:  Fairuz is an angel. I don't understand the words (i'm french) dut i feel all the magic and spirituality....Fairuz speaks the language of the heart...and eveybody can understand!

Name: Ola Yaghmour

Country: Palestine - Jerusalem

email: ola_yaghmur@yahoo.com

comment: queen of hearts, I send you my hearts, and ask from God to bring you a health and happiness. 

Name: Shayma Al-Qahtani

Country: Bahrain

email: shaymaq@hotmail.com


I am from the beautiful (but hot) island, Bahrain.
I am one of the greatest fan of Fairuz's heavenly music....I was raised on them...ever since I was a day-old....in fact, sometimes I hear one of her old songs, but i find myself going along with the tune...that is because i remember it from when I was a child....
I don't know what else to say...Thanks for the site


Name: Ahmed Radwan

Country: Egypt

email: alexscorpio13@yahoo.com

comment: What can I say about her..

she is the myth,the dream,the life itself..

she is Fairouz