A Legend in her time
Fairouz is the magic, for whom the moon has bowed



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A Legend in her time !


She is a legend in her time!

One who stood out

As an example to others

Proud of her people

Proud of her heritage!

She is a legend in her time!

A maker of peace

Re-uniting a nation

Once torn apart

By greed and by pride!

And forgiving a nation

Who once stood against her

To achieve material wealth

For their keepsake!

She is a legend in her time!

She has raised a family of

Talented and gifted children!

Each with creations unique!

Yet, two have revealed creativity!

The youngest and the oldest,

Of inspiring talents!

She is a legend in her time!

She was put to the ultimate test!

She has raised a son

Born with an extra challenge

Who brought her to tears!

Yet, he was inspiring,

Motivating and moving

For he kept her going!

She was a legend in her time!

She was greatly blessed

With a gifted and talented

Young girl, who was

Heard early in her life

Whose options were wide open

Which will never be,

For that child was lost forever

And taken away

At a young and tender age!

Whose grave was dug

With her tearful good-byes!

She is a legend in her time!

And despite her hardship and sorrow,

She stood out strong and tall!

Holding her head high!

Reaching out to the rich

And to the poor!

Re-uniting a people of a single tongue!

Flowing so radiant And helping all walks of life!

She is a legend in her time!

She is loved by many

And wherever she goes,

The red carpets are rolled out!

She is greeted openly

The big star!

Seeking every heart!

For she has won the hearts of many!

And she will win many more!

She is a legend in her time!

She has reached fame!

She has been known

By many different names:

The Legendary One!

The Ambassador to the Stars!

But all the Arabs

And all the nations

Know her by one name:



Ghia Aweida

August 7, 2001