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After too many articles were written in regards of wala keef the new album, i just wanted to share my thoughts with you. hoping we can
discuss this "Controversial" album resonably.

First things first, i cannot but command Ziad for the wonderful music included in the album (just to clarify, i am not a Ziad fan...but the truth to be told...he did a good job in this album).
Sabah w massa: is a good song, romantic and dreamy... yet the
wordings are not coherent...and that's what i notice in all ziad poetry...he just rhyms the word regardless of the meaning in this song/ second stanza/ the word "Sehyan" has no place.
shu bkhaf: is simply (although it's not for ziad) is beautiful...dreamy, sad...a combination of love, pain, and suffer.
the last two stanzas are just great (shu bdari hal hubb///ya reit baytak kan) yet, i cannot see a relation between the (betsawar soura wahdi mish helwi sawda w haddi....and bellayl el saet bywadi wlaw moush mafhoum) what was meant with the last section?
Sobhi el jiz: it's my main problem and the main disaster in the album. Don't get me wrong, music and voice wise the song is perfect, yet it's not for fairuz. It's one thing to break the "holy" effect
from around fairuz and make her a regular person like us, which ziad managed to do, and another thing giving and labeling fairuz any political affiliation. Ziad is communist, Sobhi el jizz was communist... (i have any political affiliation, i have nothing against communism) yet as soon as the album was released we read in the newspaper "Fairuz is with us (communists) and who has fairuz what
else does he need?" Fairuz who strived to be for all lebanese was labeled after this song as being a communist. With a good heart Fairuz chose this song thinking it'll be taken in its humanitary sense, yet it wasn't... and that was a song that shouldn't be included in the album.
Tinzakar ma tin3ad: wonderful, yet the "sindibad" part sounds like a childish story... Warak el kharif: no comments, just wonderful ya mariam el bikrou: i love the older version was hollier than this one. yet the voice is breathtaking
ana fiz3aneh: i consider it the "Ziad masterpiece" of all timesas far as music is concerned. I think if Ziad worked more on the words, the result would be an "all times masterpiece"
LA walla: fun and incredibly sarcastic. It shows the "New" balance between men and women where men aren't always the rulers and the "machos" and women have something to say... it represents our daily life. I love the part where old songs were mentioned in a sarcastic way. (el ward al shebak, and ya rayt).

and finally: Khaberni 3an akhbarou...i have some reservations against this song... it's dancing and active yet...there is no coherence in the message to pass to the audience but making fun of that "Jarou".

i'd love to read what YOU think