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Song name: Tenzakar ma tena’ad (to be remembered not rebeit)

Words & Music by: Ziad Rahbani

Its Album: Fairuz at Beiteddin 2000 (live concert)

Year: ž2001


Its beautiful song, fairouz made it unbelievable.
Its lyrics just for fairouz..
men ba3ed hal 3omor, kbereh el maz7a hai, bet7ebni bet2ol, a'w yemken ma bet7ebni...

(After these years, it’s big joke! “ I love you,” you says, “or maybe not! “ )
We can find there what old people are thinking about. They always bore from any thing. It’s some intelligent from Ziad to add this type to firouz songs. I think he start this type with mish kayen haik t'kon CD (you were not like what you are). Ziad's songs there are talking about the past, but not as the others write. He, or she - fairouz, like there old days, but also love these days... there's something special:
kan 3'er shekl el zayeton, kan 3'er shekl el saboon.... kayen re'ey wo 7anoon, aw mayel 3al 3'oson, 'o kayen inta ya 7abibi mish kayen haik t'kon...

(The olive weren’t like now, also the soap.

You were sensitive and affectionate

Oh love! You were not like what you are!).
But in the end she said: reeto 3omro ma y'koon. (I hope it never return


By: Ghassan Hozayen