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My Favorite Person


I have known so many people!

I have chosen so many friends!

I have given so many sacrifices!

And worked many a day

On what I like,

But when there is none to understand

I know that I sit and blame

Others who have no purpose!

I have met others who are

Neither fit nor suit

What they do

But I ask how on earth

Do they ever proceed!

These heartless, mean and

Ignorant ones!

But when I choose to proceed

I fight the battle and

Walk the long journey home!

I know that I have friends

Who understand me well!

They wish me luck!

They wish me the best!

They wish me good deeds!

They wish me good tidings!

And what is more,

They like me to succeed!

But when I play favourites,

Nothing is easy!

For among my numbered friends!

I am glad it is you!

For together we are company

As for one,

It is lonely!

You are motivating and loving!

No matter what your challenges are,

You are still my favourite person!

You are one who reaches out!

You are one who will help!

You are here for others!

And you do your very best!

But, if no one listens!

There is nothing you can force!

So you see, my dear

You try hard and you win!

But not everything is within

Your control!

For you are only one person

And on your part, you can only do

So much!

But the rest

Is up to the other parties!

And that is out of your hands!

But, remember this:

You are very special to me!

You are my favourite person!


Ghia Aweida

May 2, 2001