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I hope u won't think I'm pretentious by posting my personal review of the
album wala kif. It's a relatvely late review due to the late arrival of the
album in Egypt.

My overall opinion is in the end.
   I'll go song by song on this:

Saba7 Wo Massa: I personally find the piano live version more emotional.
BUT, the orchesteration of the studio version is just breathtaking. The
choice of instruments, the rythm and the arrangement is just first class.
The extra couplet isn't at all intrusive and it marks a plausible addition
to the song. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion (both versions). It also
reminded a bit of ni7na wel ammar.

Shu bkhaf: Certainly the "Jazz" factor is VERY strong here. It drags a bit
(musically, but not lyrically, coz I find the lyrics on this song especially
to be very poignant, weary and express a very refreshing idea. I think the
"fear" in love is a point I'e seldom seen expressed as well as in this
song). As I said the Jazz thing is rather annoying at first but when she
adds her "la,la, la", isn't this just the typical magical Fairouz???

Sobhil Jiz: I can only comment on the music as i have NO idea what the
content is about. The music started well enough (Jazz again strong), but in
the couplet "Rafee2, ya rafee2, wainak ya rafee2", I found the music to be
less enthralling. But when she started the couplet that has"3am fatesh 3a
wa7d ghirak", the music picks up again to climax at the end satisfactorily.

Tinzaker Ma bten3ad: I think this song REALLY has an original tune that
really works for me. Fairouz makes rather interesting and vocally demanding
improvisations that she pulls off skillfully. The lyrics is a bit surprising
(even for Ziad's standards!. The new couplet was a little unnecessary but
not bad after all. The good thing is that the song fades out and doesn't end
abruptly like in the live version, an ending that was very strange and

Ya Mariam: Never heard the oringinal version, but I find this one to be
musically rich and Ziad's arrangement is really superb here.

Anna fz3aneh: Now I can see that this song is the nearest to the Rahbani
Bros. style. If it was in the Rahbani bros' arrangements it would have been
exactly like Da2yet tal il wared 3al shebak. This song though it's short on
the lyrics( repitition o the same phrase), musically it's something else. I
was very moved, touched and even inspired by the music on this one.

Bizaker bil kharef: This song(lyrically and musically) is the picture of
class. U just feel the french ambiance that just oozes romance and
refinement. A personal favourite.

La Wallah: Ya leil, ya 3ein. She sounded just BEAUTIFUL in the beginning of
this song. I'e NEVER heard ya leil ya 3ein sung like that b4!! It was a
really pleasent thought to start this song like that. The song is musically
a VERY good material for dancing(La Bamba!!!!), I really enjoyed the lyrics,
strongly Ziad lyrics but very funny! I really lover she makes un of her old
songs and the Shrka and Maskat part, REALLY amusing...

Inshallah Ma Bo Shi: This song really reminds me of Trab 3antoora. It's
msuic is not at all bad, actually it sticks on one's mind really strong.
Just as fun as Trab 3antoora.

So at the end, I REALLY like the album. WAAAAAYYYY better than mish kayen
haik tkoon. I'm sure that this album will be really appreciated a ew years
from, I remember sayings that the album kefak inta was attacked badly when
it first came out, and now it;s appreciated by most fans. I'm just saying we
need change, rn't u tired of Amr Diab and his style that ALL male singers
immitate and Angham who's now immitated by ALL female singers. Rn't u tired
of the same rythm, the same lame, tired, used up lyrics??? Fairouz is a
really brave artist to bring this challenging, inspiring and classy breeze
of change on the market. Her work with Rahbani Bros was attacked at the time
for being different from the typical oriental style. She's proving herself
once more...